These are the co-conspirators : They stole my life so they could avoid jail time lied to people and got alot of people in alot of trouble so they could cover up and avoid prosecution for their crimes. 

 These people have prevented me from earning an income and forced me as a disabled person to live as a homeless person in the dead of winter without a car no food and no one to help me at all. 


Please make it so they can not eat, feed themselves, earn an income and get around anywhere so they can see how it feels to be me. This has been pure torture and was designed to keep me tied to the area so that I could be further abused and stepped on by people in my community that are friends of theirs and part of their gang or mob that they created which my father called HANDS. 


Lake Station Police

Frontier Comcast 


David Boettcher 

Cathrine Smith 

Wesley Victors

Tony Victors

Lesley Victors Widmer 

Darin Widmer 

Terra Montelongo 

Erik Montelongo

Ray Yaglowski- 

Edward Malik 

Lennard Choronmaz

Possibly Lennys Son Joe Stoffle 

Susan Chornomaz. 

 Robert Butterfield. 


Editing site, hacking hosting, deleting site, editing code, forcing me to restart over and over and over. Hacking home server repeatedly on a daily and constant basis, adding admins and editing passwords destroying all work preventing me from getting my rightful SEO rankings on google, keeping me locked down in an inter-web or intranet to screw my viewpoints on issues. Prevent me from earning an income to allegedly force me to be empathetic to the homeless and the poor which I always was, these are excuses for bad behavior manipulation and gas-lighting and will not be tolerated. There is no excuse for abuse !!! I am tired of being this country’s whipping-boy! 


Neighbors next door to my residence – Neighbors across the street from my residence. 

I could of launched my website by my Serial killer father and his asshole friends think its more fun to control me and hold me captive steal my life and prevent me from earning an income so I cant help anyone learn to earn because he won’t allow it. Instead he wants me to go to prison for reporting crime when he and his co-hort’s are serial killers and criminals. 


 Tear down my site repeatedly and then call me slow, sorry, retarded, dim bulb, lights are on but no one is home, tell me my priorities are mixed up and I should focus on money only and not on my girls but never let me make any money so I cant get away from them. They expect me to leave on foot which is not safe and they want me to live out on the streets with no money in my pocket. Many of these people including my father (it was his idea) have participated in sex-trafficking me and that is why they refuse to allow me to earn an income they think they will push me to find someone to help me and they will earn money off my ass that way. 


MY IQ is 189 and there is no excuse with my knowledge of the web and other areas that I should be forced to live this way they have always held me down and keep holding me down and everyone around them listens and helps and they are murders and co-conspirators themselves. My father being the main one and others following in his footsteps, why anyone would throw their lives away listening to a serial killer I will never understand perhaps because I am not the one who is deer in headlights, or who’s lights are on but no ones home nor delayed. 


Many think that nothing will come of any of this, my question is do you think at all? 

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